Andy Warhol Artwork Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe [II.21], 1967Andy Warhol is a renowned artist and one of the most influential figures in contemporary art and culture. Warhol’s work and his life have inspired more creative thinkers and artists worldwide. His creativity and fame have made a long lasting impact on the art world and he has greatly contributed to numerous galleries and studios worldwide. Warhol’s observation that “everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes” is also an inspiring statement, which has resulted in a common phrase used worldwide. Warhol’s curiosity has resulted in an enormous body of work that spanned every available medium at the time, and he also discovered and pioneered various styles of art such as the ever-popular style of contemporary pop art. Warhol was also one of the first individuals to document his daily activities and interactions on an audio tape recorder and camera, which greatly predates the prominence of social media and sharing personal details with a big audience. As a youngster Andy Warhol found solace in celebrity magazines and DC comic books, which would later greatly inspire his work.

A particularly famous Warhol Screen Print is the one he produced of Marilyn Monroe. Screenprinting is the process that utilizes the properties of a stencil where some areas are blocked out and other areas are printed through. This stencil is created on a mesh screen using a light sensitive emulsion, which hardens when exposed to light. The screen is first coated with the light sensitive emulsion and then a black and white photograph is photocopied onto a transparent overlay. The overlay is then placed underneath the screen, which is placed on top of a light box. Once the screen is exposed to light, the emulsion hardens everywhere except where the image overlay was placed. The area of the screen that was not exposed to light does not harden and can be washed away to reveal a stencil of the original image. The Andy Warhol Artwork Marilyn Monroe is one of his most well known images of his expansive collection. Warhol first screenprinted the image of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 shortly after she committed suicide in her Brentwood home. The original photograph was a publicity picture for the film Niagara taken in 1953 by Gene Korman. By screenprinting the image, Andy Warhol was able to reproduce the same image repeatedly, with small changes in color and effect.

Andy Warhol Artwork Marilyn Monroe for Sale

After the first screenprint portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol continued to print her image for many years to come. Eventually he created a whole series of ten screenprints in 1967. Andy Warhol never altered the original image of Marilyn, except for his choice of colors. Warhol’s screenprinted portraits of Marilyn were stylized and glamorous and they draw attention to the superficial qualities of her legendary public persona. The portrait reveals very little about who Marilyn Monroe was as a person, and yet the portrait has become extremely popular, much like her famous film performances.

Andy Warhol was fascinated with morbid concepts and the results of the portraits that were inspired by this curiosity were astonishingly beautiful. Warhol enjoyed screenprinting the image of Marilyn Monroe, because the process resembled an assembly line and he could re-create the same image multiple times with different color effects. This artwork could also be viewed as an expose on the condition of our “throw-away” lifestyle. Marilyn was an icon and a prominent symbol that was admired by many. Then when she committed suicide this good feeling was recklessly thrown away. Andy Warhol’s screenprints of Marilyn Monroe have become world famous and helped to further establish him as an artist. The portraits also further promoted the contemporary and pop art styles.

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