Contemporary Art Galleries

Los Angeles is not only known, but is revered for the cultural diversity of the area, so it’s no shock that they praise, uplift, and help enhance their surrounding art community. One of the most incredible ways to experience this area is to explore the cultural contributions. Offering more museums and art galleries than any city in the US, Los Angeles has a flourishing gallery landscape. This community’s dedication to the arts can be seen with their extremely involved, robust, and engaging arts commission. Their focus is to “foster excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding and accessibility of the arts in Los Angeles County”. There are numerous other agencies and groups that focus on spotlighting not only galleries in the area, but also various other forms of cultural activities for everyone. Contemporary Art Galleries are no exception.

Contemporary Art Galleries in the Los Angeles area are committed to showcasing beautiful works of art from the Contemporary period. This era is period specific in that it is artwork from the present period of time. Including and developing from Postmodern Art, Contemporary art is synonymous with modern and current pieces. This gives Contemporary Art Galleries the free range to highlight artists from whatever is currently being produced (or has been produced during the audience’s lifetime). Ever changing, this focus allows artists, collectors, and arts organizations the ability to ever expand their knowledge and collection of Contemporary pieces. It also facilitates the use of any art form, medium, focus, style, and the like. Essentially, there is no set “box” in which works conform.

Since there is no set standard or style of Contemporary art, galleries can showcase any current form of art that does not mimic a previous standard. And even those impressionists are considered Contemporary because the actual art was created currently during our lifetime. That being said, however, there is a starting period for this movement. Said to loosely begin in the 1960s to 1970s, this cuts off the Postmodern era and makes way for Contemporary art to thrive. While largely encompassing of various styles, influences such as globalization, medical endeavors, feminism, and diversity in cultures can be observed.

West Hollywood Contemporary Art Galleries

West Hollywood Contemporary Art Galleries offer some of the best exhibitions in the world. Supporting such a diverse and talented artistic base, artists are able to find the perfect outlet for displaying their current forms of creative expression through various mediums. We at Hamilton-Selway Fine Art follow suit. Located on Melrose Avenue, we are in the heart of West Hollywood and the very center of Los Angeles well-regarded arts community. With such incredible support from the local cultural councils and other programs, galleries in the area are sure to flourish. We are no exception and are grateful for the outlet we have to showcase beautiful works of art. Our gallery also employs the most proficient staff, offering exceptional consulting services, unsurpassed wisdom of the Pop and Contemporary periods, and valuable relationships with buyers, dealers, and artists. This allows us to offer the best pricing available.

Hamilton-Selway makes it easy for artists and owners to sell their work. What is usually a very long, difficult, and demanding process has been simplified by taking a different approach than most art dealers. With our extensive group of knowledgeable buyers, we are able to promptly match sellers and artists with interested vendors and dealers nationally as well as worldwide. Our dealers trust us and value our dedication to simplifying the buying and selling transactions. Aiming to provide artwork in excellent condition, at the best possible price to collectors and galleries alike, we strive to connect the right art with appreciators alike.

Whether you are an artist looking for a channel to sell or display your work, a dealer in search of Pop or Contemporary art pieces for your client, a collector wishing to expand your collection, or simply a tourist or resident of the West Hollywood, greater Los Angeles area, or beyond who enjoys perusing galleries, we assure you that you’ve come to the right place. From pop art prints to precious, invaluable distinguished masterpieces, the staff at Hamilton-Selway can help. Take your time browsing our website to view our recent acquisitions.

Call us with any questions you may have. Visit our retail and exhibit space. You will be amazed at the professionalism and knowledge that we emanate. Connect with us today!

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