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Hamilton-Selway is one of most prominent and well-known fine art galleries located in West Hollywood, in the greater Los Angeles area. As one of the largest supplier of contemporary art and pop art on the west coast, the team at Hamilton-Selway is dedicated to providing the highest quality pieces of art – and at the best possible price points.

As one of Los Angeles’s best fine art galleries, Hamilton-Selway is home to some of the finest pieces of contemporary art. Hamilton-Selway does not simply act as a middleman between artists and collectors, with limited ability to secure works and pieces to offer; rather, the expert team at Hamilton-Selway know the conditions and details of each piece of work, and know how to connect each piece with the correct investor or buyer.

One of the most famous and well-known contemporary or pop artists is Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was an American artist and a leading figurehead of the artistic movement known as pop art. His iconic work centered on pieces that explored the relationship between contemporary art, celebrity culture, and also advertisements that thrived in 1960s Americana. Andy Warhol’s art encompasses many mixed forms of media, including painting, photography, hand drawing, printmaking, sculpture, music and film. He also was a front-runner in computer-generated art, utilizing Amiga computers that were developed just two short years before his death. Among Warhol’s works are some of the most expensive paintings ever to be sold.

Hamilton-Selway features works by Andy Warhol in their Andy Warhol Artwork Gallery, as well as many other notable and famed contemporary artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Robert Longo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chuck Close, Donald Sultan, Jeff Koons, and Alex Katz.

Fine Art Galleries Los Angeles

Although Hamilton-Selway works cohesively with other art galleries and dealers around the world, their expert team also offers their expertise, service, and competitive pricing to private collectors from all over. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready and willing to cater to the specific and demanding requests of their clients, including the most discriminating art investor. Hamilton-Selway’s winning combination of world-class service, discriminating taste, and unparalleled expertise and knowledge allows their clients to trust the HS team to make their contemporary art wishes come true.

As one of the premier contemporary art galleries of Los Angeles, Hamilton-Selway is one of the most popular places for contemporary and pop art lovers on the West Coast. Hamilton-Selway, as a gallery, has a different style and approach, offering a large inventory of fine art pieces. By closely controlling the pieces of artwork, the HS team can guarantee that their clients are receiving the right pieces of artwork – and at the right price point. Whether you are a new collector looking to procure your first piece, or whether you are the most seasoned veteran, you will find that working with the team of experts at Hamilton-Selway is easy, seamless, and successful. The process of buying and/or selling art can be overwhelming and frustrating, but rest assured that their team is here to make the transaction and process as smooth and stress free as possible.

If you are in the market to sell your art, their team can help you there, too. The professionals at Hamilton-Selway will evaluate your piece and estimate its worth, and then work tirelessly to connect you with the right buyer, collector, or investor for your piece. Their wealth of connections in the art industry allow them to cast an extremely wide net for buyers, when applicable, but also gives them access to be able to dive deep in the pool to find a particular and discriminating buyer for just about any piece.

Having been in business for 15 years, Hamilton-Selway has continued to thrive as one of the top fine art galleries on the West Coast, offering the finest pieces of contemporary and pop art. They have a simple philosophy that they have stuck to for years – to provide artwork in the best condition, and at the best possible price points to a pool of clientele that includes everyone from the novice to the most seasoned collectors and galleries all around the world.

We have a distinct and unique niche in the art business, in that we have a massive inventory of fine art. This allows us to have tight control over the material and pieces being offered to our clients, rather than simply acting as middlemen in a transaction.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is standing by and ready to make your art wishes a reality. Stop by and see them in West Hollywood, or connect with them online to find out why their clients have a fun and rewarding experience for you!

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