Donald Sultan

Donald Sultan


Donald Sultan is a contemporary American artist, known for his painting, sculpting and printmaking. More specifically, he is especially renowned and well known for his large scale still life paintings, as well as his original and unique use of industrial types of materials, including spackle, vinyl tiles, enamel, tar, and more. While he is an American artist, Donald Sultan has been featured all around the world in exhibitions, galleries, and museum collections.

Donald Sultan was born in the beautiful town of Ashville, North Carolina on May 5, 1951. He was born to parents who were both very interested in the arts themselves, which fostered an early appreciation and curiosity for art in Donald. Donald’s father, who owned a tire company, also painted abstract paintings in his free time. His mother was into theatre, which brought about an early interest in theatre for Donald. In fact, the theater was where he began his art career, in a sense. He was not only acting, but he also learned how to design and build theatrical sets, and then he was painting them.

With the encouragement of his supportive parents, Donald then went to school to study art, in order to pursue it on a professional level. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1973. He then went on to get his Masters of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago just two years later, in 1975. While he was still attending classes, Donald began to grow more and more dissatisfied with the traditional mediums and materials, which is when he really started experimenting with his materials, technique, and the like. This, in turn, led to his unique use of industrial materials and tools.

Donald Sultan Artwork

In addition to his works, Donald Sultan has also been publicly commissioned for national art campaigns, for companies such as Absolut Vodka. He also has a permanent exhibition of his works displayed in a trendy hotel in Budapest, that opened its doors in 2000.

Throughout his lifetime, Donald Sultan has been bestowed with numerous honors and awards, including the following:

  • Creative Artists Public Service Grant – New York, NY (1979)
  • National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship (1980)
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award, University of North Carolina (1992)
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree from Corcoran School of Art – Washington, D.C. (2000)
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree from New York Academy of Art – New York (2002)
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of North Carolina – Asheville (2007)
  • North Carolina Award for the Arts (2010)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Houston Fine Art Fair – Houston, TX (2011)

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