Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons


Jeff Koons is an American contemporary artist who is most known for his works reproducing banal objects, or objects that are typically seen as being common, overused, or boring. Koons was born in York, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1955, to Henry and Gloria Koons. Koons had a humble upbringing, and as a child would go door to door selling wrapping paper, in order to earn spending money.Jeff Koons went on to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he studied painting. Koons credits his early inspirations, such as Salvador Dali, for his interest in the medium. While attending art school, Koons met another artist who would turn out to be another inspiration — Ed Paschke. Koons served as a studio assistant to Paschke, where he continued to learn and grow.

After graduation, Jeff Koons moved to New York in 1977, where he worked at the Museum of Modern Art at the membership desk, while working to establish his presence and credibility as an artist in the city. It was during this time that Koons began to experiment with his look, and he would often dye his hair red and wear a thin pencil mustache, paying homage to Salvador Dali.

In the early 1980s, Koons earned his license to sell mutual funds and stocks, and spent time working as a Wall Street commodities broker. Koons spent the next few years working in finance and on Wall Street, at companies such as First Investors Corporation, Clayton Brokerage Company, and Smith Barney.

Rise to Fame

Jeff Koons really rose to stardom in the middle 1980s, as part of a group of artists with a unique point of view, who were working to define and create art in a world that was heavy in media. As a result, this group of artists produced some of the most unique works of art even to this day.

After rising to fame in the 1980s, Koons proceeded to set up his own studio space in a factory like setting in SoHo, at the corner of Broadway and Houston Street. Koons seemingly designed his studio space after that of Andy Warhol, and he had more than 30 assistants who were employed at the studio, each in charge of a unique aspect of creating his work.

Today, Koons has space in Chelsea, located near the old Hudson rail yards. He regularly works with a large number of assistants — anywhere between 90 and 120. He developed a unique type of color by numbers system, so that any and all of his assistants could complete any of his works, in a way that would make it appear that they were all created by the same artist.

Koons is possibly most well known for several of his unique works, many that were part of a series, including the following:

  • The Pre-New Series
  • The New Series
  • The Equilibrium Series
  • Statuary Series
  • Luxury and Degradation Series
  • Banality Series
  • Made in Heaven Series
  • Puppy
  • Celebration Series
  • Split Rocker
  • Popeye Series
  • Hulk Elvis Series
  • Antiquity Series

Koons has also been commissioned to complete some recent work, and has also worked on several other projects, as well.

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