Body paint, acrobats, and a live chalk artist- Oh my!

October 15, 2015, marked the very first annual Melrose Block Party, uniting select businesses from the West Hollywood Design District to raise funds for Inner City Arts. Attendees of all ages were reacquainted with their childhood as large colorful animals were placed throughout Melrose Ave,  espresso martinis served all night and the smell of fresh […]


BLOCK PARTY – Channel Your Inner Child

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please join us on Thursday, October 15th from 6-9pm to Channel Your Inner Child through art, entertainment, food, and music! The event will feature a live chalk artist, charity raffles, food trucks and so much more from participating businesses. Bring your entire family to our first Block […]

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Unseen Warhol – A vivid picture of the glory days of the Warhol Factory

    On May 07, 2015 Hamilton-Selway once again held a once in a lifetime event, “Unseen Warhol”. Artists Debbie Carfagno and Michael Enns, both former Master Printers for pop-art icon Andy Warhol, demonstrated and discussed his innovative silkscreen process. I had the honor of sitting down with both Debbie and Michael while they shared […]

Warhol Tease

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art introduces “Unseen Warhol”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Exhibition “Unseen Warhol” OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, May 7, 2015 6PM – 8PM There will be a silkscreen demonstration at 7PM followed by Questions and Answers Artists Debbie Carfagno and Michael Enns, both former Master Printers for Andy Warhol, will be demonstrating and discussing the silkscreen process used by Warhol.  These remarkable artists worked in the Warhol studio […]


i need your opinion

I know what you’re thinking: why do I not know anything about art? I mean, I know something. I know Andy Warhol is the king of pop art. And Keith Haring + Roy Lichtenstein have also contributed to the massive art world in a way that can only characterize them as gods. But when I’m […]


You? An Artist?

Yes, because you made something, or took something, and called it art. Ever heard of readymades? It’s the act of taking an object already manufactured by someone else, like a vacuum-cleaner, a urinal, even a picture, and putting it on display—modified, untouched, whatever. Marcel Duchamp was the culprit for such a ridiculous expression. Readymades were […]

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Julien Havard And His Art

Once again, for those of you who still don’t know, Julien Havard is coming to Hamilton-Selway on 01/08/15 You might have heard of Julien from Sutton Foster’s acceptance speech back in 2011. so once he gave up his life as a Broadway dresser, he embraced his passion, and started to crank out colorful prints like…   Here’s […]