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Andy Warhol Prints

Depending on your point of view, Andy Warhol is the greatest American artist of the second half of the 20th century or a corrupter of art who destroyed painting and took us down the slippery slope of postmodernism. He is either a cultural transformer or a purveyor of campy kitsch. Descriptions of his personality range from “legendary sweetness” to “cold as a meat locker,” naïf peasant to cynical sophisticate, fine artist to con artist. In the first part of his career he was an iconoclast, in the second, the artist as businessman.

Keith Haring

U.S. painter and draftsman. Haring studied at New York City’s School of Visual Arts and developed a unique style inspired by graffiti, cartoons, and comic strips, which he displayed in works drawn clandestinely at night on subway station walls around the city. He also created paintings, drawings, and prints in a graffiti style, filling the works from edge to edge using signs, abstract symbols, and human and animal figures writhing in a spaceless, airless design. In the 1980s he executed murals in New York and exhibited internationally, achieving great commercial success.

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Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, Inc. has thrived since being founded almost 15 years as one of the largest purveyors of Pop and Contemporary Art on the West Coast. We have a simple philosophy—to provide the finest condition artwork at the best possible price points to a clientele of novice and seasoned collectors and galleries located around the world.

We have a unique niche in the art business—unlike many others in this business we have a huge inventory of fine artwork. This allows us to have control over the material being offered to clients rather than just being middlemen with a limited ability to produce offered works, as well as knowing absolutely the condition of these prints, paintings and drawings. HSFA is also one of the largest providers of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Longo artworks (in addition to many other blue chip contemporary artists) to Galleries and Dealers around the world, and we bring that expertise and pricing to our private clients as well.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is ready to make your art wishes a reality. See why thousands of clients and friends have trusted us over the years and give us an opportunity to make this often intimidating experience a fun and fulfilling one for you.